Human technological progress has produced an exponential increase in our quality of life. But all of this had a cost. A cost paid by all of us, through the consumption of renewable resources and pollution that only now seems to be a problem. In recent years, the theme of environmental protection has had an increasing visibility and even greater exposure in the media.
It can take very little to save money and energy in the office and in fact with some simple tricks it is in fact possible to transform the legal office into a green and ecological environment.

Our “Green Policy” includes:


limitation of waste. In order to improve the energy efficiency of the office, it is sometimes enough to make a few gestures that do not cost anything, such as turning off the standby electrical equipment and keeping the temperature of the air conditioner or thermostat under control.


Recycling of materials, like for example paper.



Every economic sector must contribute to global change, and for this reason, the “Environmental Integration Policy” has been launched. In fact, the EPI aims to raise awareness in every sector so that the objectives of the green policies are implemented not by sectors such as energy and transport, but also by those where becoming eco-friendly can be more expensive in the short term. EPI is regarded as a key element of sustainable development. The goal is to make green policies more mainstream and therefore part of everyday life and not an exceptional fact.

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