Human Resources


Managing human resources in the most efficient way is key to the success of a company.
Italian legislation is characterised by bureaucratic complexity and sudden changes. Our professionals work daily to catch up with the law and get to know all the regulations. For this reason, we offer a precise and complex direction to orient business to operate within the legislation. Some of the most suitable solutions we can identify for safe growth include:


  • In the management of the employment Relationship and agency relations (transfers, changes in duties and other conditions of the employment contract, individual and collective redundancies, application of disciplinary sanctions, procedures for the management and protection, Confidentiality, use of computer tools and electronic mail);
  • In trade unions (negotiation of corporate collective agreements and participation in trade unions, interpretation of collective agreements);
  • In the restructuring, company transfers and other extraordinary transactions (due diligence on all aspects of labor Law, agency contracts, trade union law and tax and contributory aspect of salaries, Restructuring, outsourcing, procurement contracts, collective redundancies and CIGS and mobility procedures, ASPI;
  • The drafting of employment contracts and the management of remuneration policies (drafting of clauses relating to non-competition, confidentiality, secrecy, stability agreements, or, if collective agreements are not applied, drafting of Corporate regulations that contain all aspects of regulatory work relationships.

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