Reorganisations and restructuring


Turn a crisis into a resource, an opportunity for change and growth.
This is our motto and in this sense, we act to offer a service able to overcome the moment of crisis and create an opportunity especially during corporate restructuring.

At our firm, we are convinced that the crisis of a company can be an important time to rethink business management on new bases and relaunch its activity. For this to be possible, however, it is necessary for the crisis to be tackled with seriousness and attention. We prefer the safe and reliable roads that lead to achieving goals. With competence and professionalism, we work to identify paths that can be implemented through a studied activity. Strategies are able to save the subject from a financial burden that threatens to jeopardize the creation of wealth and the survival of the company.
We offer assistance in evaluating the debt and advise in restructuring solutions before the execution procedures begin.
We put in place insolvency proceedings necessary to overcome the deepest financial crises and corporate restructuring, including:

In drafting restructuring agreements, reorganization plans, and extraordinary operations related to rehabilitation;
In continuity, with guarantee and liquidators agreed upon;
In complex and group reorganizations with a view to maximising available resources and promoting enterprise growth.


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