Domenico Trapani

Graduated from the University of Catania with a thesis in Constitutional Law regarding the reform of the Italian Intelligence Agency, he then obtained a Degree in Legal Professions at the University of Brescia.

Domenico has been a member of the Brescia Bar Association since November 2018, and is specialized in Compliance and Corporate Criminal Law.

His strong interest in the interconnections between Criminal and Administrative Law led him to deepen topical issues such as Corporate Management Systems in the field of anti-corruption, health and safety at work, environment and quality in accordance with the relevant national UNI EN ISO provisions, as well as their interaction with the Organizational and Management Models pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 on the Administrative Corporate Responsibility.

In these areas, he has also acquired the qualification of Lead Auditor for the verification of the conformity of Corporate Management Systems with the reference standards. He also writes scientific articles for some of the journals in this field. For instance, he recently published an article on the prevention and fight against corruption in companies.  

His attraction to culture and his encounters with various personalities from the world of entertainment, music and fashion, whom he interviewed as a contributor to several online newspapers before becoming a lawyer, led him to develop non-legal skills. For example, he studied important cases in English involving major Italian and foreign fashion houses, and collaborated in the organization of cultural events.


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