Corporate and Business Law

Providing the right tools to be able to make the most appropriate decision is our task.
We provide advice aimed at all aspects of corporate law and, and constantly strive to offer the awareness necessary to design their own entrepreneurial ideas.

The professionals who make up the law firm offer their expertise and advice regarding all aspects of doing business in Italy and abroad. Together with our customers we study the best strategies of entry or exit from an industrial sector and we evaluate the company structures most suited to the business strategies of the company.
In the phase of acquisition of companies, we design contractual schemes able to guarantee the most appropriate and profitable industrial and managerial incentives.
In case of disputes in a corporate relationship, our team provides assistance and legal support guaranteeing the protection of the rights of all members, whether minority or majority, with the conviction that even in litigation can reside an opportunity.

The experience gained over the years working with companies active in the manufacturing, fashion, chemistry and construction field allows us to assist companies in most sectors.
Moreover. We protect members in court, out of court and negotiating in disputes relating to breach of shareholders ‘ agreements, budgetary appeal, majority abuse, actions of responsibility towards directors or controlling companies.
With dedication and absolute seriousness we take care of the whole process: from the liquidation of the dividends, the exclusion or the withdrawal of the members. We take care of each stage to allow all participants to get the best out of their legal action.


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